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best crafts ever...

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what a fantastic advent calendar - i love it! :^D)


This is absolutely brilliant. I will definitely do this next year. Thanks for posting it!


Great idea!Really cool, my kids will love to do it.

Have a nice day.


Great idea!Really cool, my kids will love to do it.

Have a nice day.

Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

Beautiful! I think I'll do this next year.

Michele B

That is an incredible idea! Thank you for sharing the instructions!


I love your ideas! Thank you for the gift of inspiration on this New Year's Day! I found my way here through Bella Dia's blog. I hope you have a moment to visit me at mine. I also appreciate your book lists. And your Egyptian birthday party! What a wonderful blog!
Montessori Mama aka Jennifer :)


I love the idea!


It's really wonderful. I like how different they all are.


These are so bright and beautiful, Think I will be doing this next year ~ a great way to involve the kids! Gx


gorgeous, thank you. where did you find the unpainted nutcracker?


What a fabulous idea! It is a wonderful decoration as well as serving its purpose. ;-)

jen b

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing it.


What a wonderful idea!


Gorgeous! Such luminous colours. I love this idea. I see you have 4 kids - how do you differentiate who gets which item in each box?

I was just leafing through my own Golden Special Christmas Annual For Boys & Girls - notice that you had something similar! All I need now is a scanner so I don't have to cut them up!

cheers / sheila


Wow, those are so cute!

Everybody's got such fun stuff up lately. I guess I've got to get crafting.


and it turned out so great too!! i love that you got your kids involved in the process of making it...


What a wonderful idea! Too late for this year, but we could start planning now (not to mention the fact that I could start buying treats on sale now, or after Christmas, for next year!).


Wow! What a great idea; those are so amazing.

Lucky, lucky kids...


What a great presentation!

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