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HI! I used this picture on my post today..


I came from Crafty Crow; I liked your blog very much.
Just lovely! I'll write it down, so next year We will start this beautiful tradition.

Have a nice day!


I love this idea! I'd love to use it in my classroom with my kindergartners to count down the days until winter break while incorporating traditional stories (about light, holidays, traditions) from around the world.

Do you have any particular books/stories you share with your kids about solstice?


I came from Crafty Cow. I love this idea. My husband has a large piece sawn from a tree. We were going to use it with 4 candles, but now i'm thinking about an advent spiral using candles and moss.


admiring your beautiful tradition. happy new year, karri


Thanks for all the kind comments everyone! Wendy, at first we let them burn for a while each evening, but soon realized we'd need to replace them a few times before Solstice. We are on our second round of candles, but now light them for a short time and then blow them out. Next year, I want to find some long burning candles because I'd love to have them stay lit all evening.


what a lovely ritual!


Very pretty. Love the birds!


Very nice. That arrangement is lovely.

Now I have a question that I've always meant to ask about this daily lighting of candles tradition. Do you replace the candles every day or just let them burn for like 10 minutes?


What a beautiful tradition. Lights really do incorporate many traditions this time of year don't they?


how neat, i am definitely stealing that idea for next year!

we are eagerly planning our solstice day festivities, what do you guys do on that day?

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