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Zorro 009

Great idea! Thanks alot.

Jamie Chan

Hello! I just discovered your lovely blog today and I am inspired by all your projects. Would it be possible to use the above tutorial for a craft class i teach to children at my local public library? I will cite your URL when I teach the class. We're trying to go with their "Green" theme and the use of the styrofoam trays is perfect! Thanks so much


Great idea for children...I'm from Chile, Southamerica and I really appreciate your wonderful tutorial!


This is such a fun, simple, and creative idea. I was stuck for a gift idea for a friend, but I think I'll weave her some coasters!


neato! i've weaved like that on a piece of cardboard, but never on Styrofoam. how clever!


What a beautiful tutorial! Way to go. I am so happy to have inspired you. -- Becka


This is great, thank you for the great tutorial!


I am soooo going to try this (been trying to limit my use of the word "so", but there it strikes again...I blame you for having such a wonderful demonstration)...thanks!


Ooh! Great tutorial! Thank you!


thank you for this tutorial!!!

it's a nice idea =)))


what a great thing!


This is great. My little Vikings to Medieval class just finished making 2-color weavings; of course...they might become wall hangings...


this is awesome and we are doing it soon! merci!


Oh my gosh! I love making these and they are so fast and easy! Thank you ^.^


what a great tutorial, thanks for sharing this


Thanks for the tutorial, now will you make me gather the materials and do it with my kids?!:)


Hi, just happened upon your blog, Thanks for sharing this kid friendly weaving project with us. We will be trying it soon.
Great blog!


Ooooo. This looks fun. Thanks for the great tutorial!


Fun! We have been weaving too, but with yarn and it takes a long the boys do bits at a time. I think that thicker yarn and smaller size might be good too! I had a kids weaving book that had lots of good ideas for making frames from cardboard or sticks. Cool stuff. That turned out nice!


I love this! I'm saving it for when my daughter is a bit older. Great tutorial.

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