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Madeline R

I especially love #5. How great that you got tagged right before I discovered your blog. I feel like I know you now. Though, I wish there were a picture of you before and after hair. I'll hunt around on here when I have more time. I have almost no pictures of me on my entire blog so who am I to ask.


me again...I just commented about your beautiful s.idaho pictures and then noticed your "Teach Evolution" and Atheist Universe mentions.... Do they allow Atheists in S. Idaho?? :) Now I REALLY want to hang out with you and your sister next time I go "home"! I'm going to order that book right now, along with another one that looks great: Natural Atheism. Looks like it might appeal to you also.


I had to comment because in our family, it's my husband who startles easily. I always, always am making him jump. And the more I work to keep from accidentally sneaking up on him, somehow the worse it gets. I'm not annoyed, though. I think it's hilarious. I usually get a fit of giggles. But I swear, I don't do it on purpose.


I understand about the butterflies, I got them too when I was tagged~ but it's good to know a little about you! Thanks for taking part.


Thanks for tagging me -- I always enjoy meeting folks who read my blog :-)

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