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Cool idea! Our piggies would love that lint, never even thought of giving it to them...mind you we never have pretty blue lint like that lol. The bag with lint for the birds is a great idea!


Hi there. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I really enjoy it! Just thought I'd stop by and say hello :)

Oh ~ and I love the lint idea! Neat!


We once filled plastic mesh bags (like the kind tomatoes sometimes come in?) with lint and hung them from a tree branch outside. Birds pull the lint out through the little holes and use it for nest making! If I were a mother robin I'd choose your turquoise lint to camoflauge my eggs.


This post made me laugh out loud at work!! I think it's so funny how the turquoise lint gave you a thrill - I would be just as amused. And what a cutie Tin Tin is - he looks as happy as a pig in lint! ;)


Great idea! I am going to save this post for when we do our unit on recycling.


What cute pictures of TinTin! The turquoise is a very flattering color for him too ;)


No Way! We have lots of little rodent-type critters at our house too, and I never would have thought to reuse the dryer lint for bedding. Holy cow. As much laundry as we wash around here, I may never have to buy bedding again. That's a great idea!

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