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Just brilliant! Can't wait to share this with my kids when they wake up tomorrow!

Carol Parden

Hello, I'm the photo editor for a children's magazine, who has a website. On it we would like to mention your wilding sticks and use one image of the boy with the sticks wadding in the water. We would need a copy of the image.

Will you please email me so we can discuss this further.

I am leaving town tomorrow for a few days, and I will get back to you, when I return.

Thank you.


Great ideas!
Those remind me of my childhood, interesting!


Love these sticks--and they're so perfect because my maiden name is Wilding! Thanks so much for the idea. Me and my four year old (who's middle name is Wilding) will be making these for sure.


Hello!-- I work for Kristin on her Sew,Mama,Sew! blog and we'd love to get permission to re-post your image for an upcoming series about handcrafts for children. Could you contact me via email for details? I wasn't able to locate your email on the site (though I often miss such things!).

Thank you!

Barbara in Minnesota

I did this project with my son yesterday and posted about it on my blog ( with a couple links back to your page (both the wilding sticks page and your main page)I hope that is okay. My son and I sure had a blast doing this project. Thanks!

Yo Mj

Love this craft! We just finished 'Camp Meme' last week and I would have loved to have this craft for our two grandsons.


Ger O'Leary

Hi there I really love reading about all the things you do with your kids . Can I ask you what do you do with all the things you make. My kids get very attached to all their art projects and the house is bursting. Especially things that are made from " nature" when the leaves crumble etc it is difficult to know what to do. We have only so much wall space! Help!


that is so cool !!!
I will definetly do this with my kids this summer near the river.


great ideas! I think we may try doing the sticks but with acrylic paint since we don't have colorful electric tape : )

little red hen

Fantastic! A simple idea with a lot of impact!


way cute stuff!!!


I've seen walking sticks decorated with yarn too. You put glue on the stick and then tightly wrap the yarn around.


Wow - those wilding sticks would have been great at our recent garden party. You take beautiful photos and this is a lovely blog!


Those look beautiful! I think we are going to do that this week. I love your ideas.


These are great ideas! My children will love them. Thanks.


Great idea! Easy to do with my little guys. They always grab a stick when we go hiking. I know my husband has a lot of electrical tape down in the basement. I'll have to go dig around in his stuff :)


Wonderful ideas! I love that you've combined electrical and duct tape with all the nature stuff. It's like nature meeting industry and I like it. It's also much more realistic than binding them with rawhide or some such stuff. I've got duct tape and electrical tape, so this is very doable. In fact, we might go do it now.


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