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Madeline R

oooo! How excruciating. I had a dream about my oldest being pierced by two hooks last night and was so happy to wake up and have it all be over. So sorry that it always seems to come in several instances at once, doesn't it? You're done now - knock on (no protruding nails) wood! We're soon finishing Harry Potter #7 too. I almost don't want to finish.


I don't remember how I found my way to your blog a couple of months ago (it was when you were featuring your Wilding Sticks). I've so enjoyed it and passed much along to my daughters and daughters-in-law to enrich the grands. I'm wanting to link to your blog soon on your Hot Socks. Is that okay with you?


Isn't it just the worst when they hurt themselves like that? Poor guys.

And I can't wait for fall, it'll cool down then.


Oh I'm so sorry for your son. Thankfully it wasn't worse!

I know what you mean about the mysteriously disappearing summer - I blinked and I wondered where it has gone to. Although for me...I am welcoming autumn with open arms. Love that time of year.


I'm still cringing after reading your post. Argh! So sorry it's been a bad stretch there...Thinking of you!


Oh that's horrible. Those descriptions were too good - I felt the gash and I cursed that darned board for falling! Hope everyone is healing OK!


hi! i tagged you for an eight things meme. the rules are on my blog!



Hopefully that will be it for injuries for the year! Thank goodness your eldest is OK! (And I can still remember when my eldest knelt on a board which had a protruding nail, some ten years ago now. Yeowchie).

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