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best crafts ever...

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 Kate NJ

Great tip!


i make these for my doula clients. i also add lavender. if you don't have a microwave i heard you can heat them in the oven at a very low temperature. i think they have to be in there for a long while though. i haven't tried the oven method myself.


Great idea! We don't have a microwave though, any idea about how else we could heat it up? I would love that this winter.
Come by my blog, there is something there for you.


mmmm...these are the BEST!! We add lavendar to ours; makes it smell wonderful.

You can also put the sock in the freezer; the rice won't freeze but it gets nice and cold. Perfect for putting around the back of your neck when it's 100 degrees out.

Also, how the heck are you only on H? It's the 22nd day of the month, woman! ; )

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