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A lovely idea! We did treasure hunts in our illustrated books when my daughters were little(r). Now my kids notice the style of art in their big girl books. We try to figure out the medium as well. ~ Tammy


What a great idea! I'm definitely going to harvest that one ;) Thanks for posting it. Oh, and what wonderful artists you have there!. Beautiful work!


My, what artists, you have! Their drawings are amazing! I love it! I agree with kate, I am guilty of the same...this is a fabulous idea! Thank you for the continuing inspiration!


Haven't they done a fantastic job, beautiful pictures!


What a cool idea. I get so wrapped up in encouaging my daughter to express her OWN ideas that I forget how valuable it can be to try to duplicate someone else's style. And there are just so many fabulous illustrators out to the library I go! :)

Thanks for the idea!


My daughter's last day of public school will be the day before Thanksgiving, after which I'll be homeschooling her.

Thanks for all your ideas. This one's great!

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