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Adorable girl, you are :) i found myself in many parts of your description... the funniest is that vole, i had to look it up in my mother language and was astonished ;)


Ok, so I REALLY need your advice on how you started homeschooling the oldest and what you did with the younger ones when they were still too little to do "school" stuff. You're an inspiration.


Thanks for playing. I loved reading. :)


I love reading these. Your sixth one is astounding. You had that many babies three c-sections, in 4 1/2 years? I had two c-sections in three years and can't imagine...
And having so many so close together. you are a strong woman!


Love your organizing comment. I love that too but then keeping it organized is the real problem.


That's great! I'm pretty snoopy, so it's fun to learn more about some of my favorite bloggers. That Fergie thing cracked me up!! :)

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