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Oh Cami you make me miss Colorado! Those were the kind of winters we had, and I just loved looking out over the snow covered hills. Of course I didn't live there as an adult, so my mom will say that while beautiful, it meant a lot of work for her just to get out of the driveway! Thanks for posting those, I love looking at them.


Beautiful! I miss that country...


How beautiful. I wouldn't mind all of these snow days with those views! :)


WOW first of all what beautiful pictures!!! And secondly yes there has been a lot of snow here as well, a lot more than usual...


I remember snow and worse, the snowdrifts. Hardly get it plowed when half an hour later, and it's as though there was no plowing involved. I sort of miss it - at least visually. We've hardly seen it this winter here. Your scenery there is breath taking - what a glorious means for inspiration.

Elisheva Levin

Beautiful. Just beautiful!

Zoe Krylova

wow, absolutely stunning. my daughter would be in heaven. not much snow in virginia, and she sure misses it.

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