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Amaizing! The green one is WOW - thanks for the idea, i'll definately try it!


I'm impressed! Really good idea. Yesterday I colored part of the eggs, but tomorrow I'll try this one too for the rest!

Jen B.

Hi there;

I was trying to find your email address to let you know that we featured these great hot rock eggs in our recent Easter roundup for this year! Here's the link:

Email me if you'd like a web badge. Thanks for being awesome! :)

A Magical Childhood

Sorry for asking a clueless question but wouldn't these rot? LOL Do you eat them? Leave them out? Toss them after making them and taking pictures? Just wondering! I love the idea!


Great eggs!!!!Wanderful Idee,e like it!!!


How fun! Loved this idea so much I had to share it at my page! Thanks!
Kisses from Nydia.

Karen Hartzell

What great eggs! I would love to try them but don't think the 4 yo would do well with the heat. I'll defin be saving for when she gets a little older. Thanks so much for sharing!



I am Amna, from UAE. I really liked those colorful, cheerful, happy eggs. you are so creative.

I am muslim, and we do not celebrate easter, but those eggs can be used to break routines from time to time.

my son will love them.

thank you for posting such an amazing idea.


What a beautiful effect..think we'll have to try this next Easter..and the Easter baskets look incredible! :O)


Those are the most beautiful eggs.


wow. I so want to do this and blow out the insides as Allison wrote. Your Easter pictures are so beautiful.

Allison Fouse

And yet another fabulous idea! I'm hooked. I wonder if this would work if you blew out the insides. (?) Maybe make them into ornaments or something of the like.


Wow, cool idea!! We'll try it this weekend.

Happy Equinox! It's snowing here....grrrr!!! but i'm not bitter! :)


Oh, I think I see a kid craft in the near future. These are lovely - so bright and cheerful.


Those are beautiful!


I love it! We'll have to try this, too!

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