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Okay, I realize that you were trying to make a "retablo" and I respect what you did but I just wanted to clarify one thing, as I paint retablos. What you made is actually called a "lamina" (LA ME NA), which is a painting (usually of a saint in New Mexican culture) on tin (metal). A retablo is a painting on wood. They are very beautiful and unique. Great job!


These are awesome! Fantastic idea.


wow, cami, those are so beautiful! You are an incredible mom/teacher; can I send my daughter to live with you? (and your 16 animals!!) ha! She'd be in heaven.


I love these! I would seriously buy one. It is wonderful what they came up with to say about the sun - so simple and so profound.


Those are beautiful! Love the intense colors.

I used to live in New Mexico and loved seeing both the old and new retablos which could be found there ... so interesting and colorful.

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