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Oh yes, I understand your addiction to hunting rocks. They are all so unique and mesmerizing.That red jasper is a great find... I keep thinking we need to go visit our John Day Fossil Beds here in Oregon before the heat is prohibitive----thanks for the reminder!


I get it!! I have jars and bowls of rocks and sea glass that I have collected all over the house! It is the thrill of the hunt!!


I would be addicted as well. I get that way about river glass when I get to go to a river more than one day in a row, or beach glass. I have never found rocks like yours. Amazing!


i too am an addict. i collect stones everywhere i go. have been doing it for years. i've collected them from every place i've lived...US, Mexico, Caribean, Spain, and now Japan. and the thing is, i cannot leave them behind. when i pick up and move, the stones come with me. i know, insane...and heavy.

Tracey@Paper Dolls for Boys

Just so you know, I kind of think of you as magic.

Those rocks...


Beautiful. And what fun. I love the focus of things like rock hunting. Nice!


I love rocks and treasure hunting for them. You've found some keepers. I'd probably be like you ~ wanting to return to the spot to hopefully find more. Now, come & see my new giveaway btw...


WWWOOOOWWW!!! I thought, in the top picture, that it was litter! I can't believe you just found that laying in a riverbed. It's incredible.

I'm with you; there are few things more relaxing to me than rock-hunting, whether at the ocean, or along a river bed or at a lake-side beach. I want to bring them ALL home.

What do you do with yours? Do you keep them inside or out (or both?!)

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