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best crafts ever...

join the fun...

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Wow, looks like so much fun!! Your children did a fantastic job, much better than I could have done, haha!


Oh! I'm later reading here and missed the vote. These are sooo amazing. We have tried this but have never had anything like these. your kids are so creative. Thanks for sharing the great photos.


those are all FANTASTIC!


Wow! Those are great! What a creative family you have!


Gosh, that's gorgeous! What amazing colour. The stuff positively glows. I love the ideas. What accommodating ginger you had. And those mushrooms - so buoyant! I'll vote for them!


I am a homeschooling mom and found your blog the other day...
I love the creativity you use to educate with :)
great pictures of the food sculptures. i am a part time art teacher for a local museum .. we studied Saxton Freymann's art (his books "how are you peeling" etc) and the kids created thier own was great fun... (have you seen his books?

Your kids creativity is fantastic! Love the sculptures!

cant wait to read more!

hope your day is blessed!

Pecos Blue

Great ideas. What neat projects.


oh... i thought these looked too good to be done by a child.. i voted for ones that looked more childlike... i thought an adult had done these.... now i have looked here... i would have voted for you.. but too late... your kids did a great job


Very impressive!!!! More artfull then what I would have made!!!

Shelly G.

Very Very Cute... All of them...


All of these are so funny and well done. I already cast my votes so may the best fruit/vegetable win! Come for a visit: 2 giveaways are in order since I'm in the process of cleaning my craft area...


how wonderful.


Oh man, so creative!! Your photos are just amazing: so vivid and colorful. I want to climb inside.


so adorable- they got my vote! Vote for us too? breakfast- the owl! :)

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