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teaching tinytots

that is super cute i wonder what tiny toddler crocs would hold?


so cute!!


Love love a pair as soon as I get mom and mom in law will love them....and what a cute way to keep a piece of Chloe(the croc wearer) around. VERY SWEET !!!


That is so cute!!

I have a pair of Crocs flip-flops, and they are wonderfully comfortable.


I KNEW there was a reason I'd been saving that stray Croc! Can't wait to try this, this afternoon!


WOW what an idea! Also beautiful pictures ^_^


I have so many too small crocs lying around..this is genius!


brilliant! it is so cute and you're right very lively indeed.


That is the cutest planter I've ever seen! What a fantastic way to repurpose the croc!


Great idea.


Someone I know just made this type of garden in a shoe but with old leather shoes. I think the Croc idea is much better (and it's got drainage holes to boot). Neat.


I love it! And especially cute that they happen to be RED.

Runnin L8

What a GREAT idea!!! I have to go retrieve my daughter's too small crocs from the Salvation Army bag!!!
Thanks so much! What a cool addition to our greenhouse this will be ! And "special", too!


Oh, I love this! I have been keeping my eyes open for discarded items that can serve as planters. My favorite is an old broken watering can. Now flowers spill out of it. This idea is the best! I love the croc nailed to a tree. Flowers in unusual places are delightful!@


What a funny, and very cute idea! I definitely have some poor crocs around who have lost their mates and I will definitely try this!


Lovely! This makes me wish I had extra crocs laying around :)

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