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kittens! my favorite! they're beautiful!


Ooooh, I haven't held a kitten like that in, wow, almost 13 years? My goodness.


ohhh so nice...



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So sweet!


oh...this just makes my heart ache! we recently lost one of our cats--she gave us 4 wonderful kittens like these just 8 years ago!

Shelly G.

They are so adorable... I love how happy mamma kitty seems sleeping with her babies... it will be so great to see them as they grow... so cute...


Oh, every time I see a kitten I want more cats - but my husband think I have Weird Cat Lady tendencies so we've stopped at one (for the moment).

They are so cute. Frances. Great name. Makes me think of those Bedtime for Frances stories. Richard and I used to joke about naming our cat Robert or Isaac so that if we were ever at a very dull event without a reasonable "out" we could say "We MUST go, Robert is at home waiting for us" and everyone would think it was a kid or something. Then we named our cat Toffee. Does anyone leave a party for candy?


Congratulations to your family! The kittens are adorable.


It awes me every time I experience this. Having done it so recently myself - (not the kittens) I'm still marveling at the wonder of it all! Those kittens are precious.


I am not a cat person, but boy are they cute! What a great hands-on homeschooling lesson.


Wow - I bet it was worrisome for the kids on that first one - good everything turned out well! Very exciting.


Congratulations to Frances :), and have fun to the rest of you!


Wow, there's a great educational opportunity if I ever heard of one.

I'm glad everyone came through it alright! They look like little tigers.


aaaaah! they are so sweet. and how neat that your children could witness their birth. it must have made a really big impression on them.

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