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Oh, these look fantastic. Yum.


VERY intresting I think that banana's are sweeter fried. My mom will LOVE this recipe!


I've actually never been a big fan of bananas, but these look absolutely delicious!!!

Another idea:
One of my roommates last year was Indian and she would make an amazing meal by chopping up bananas, cooking them in a pot on the stove, and mixing the warm mashed bananas with various traditional Indian spices. The bananas smelled amazing and tasted like nothing else I'd ever tried... mmmmm....

Tami B.

Oh my goodness, these look DE-lish!!!


Oh, this looks like a great recipe! Can't wait to try it.

zakka life

I'll have to try this out, I love fried bananas! And I would never have thought to use coconut milk.


Yum! This looks like delicious and dangerous stuff. I must make these as soon as I get bananas in this house!


yuuuuuuuuuum! i bet the coconut milk makes them super yummy.


Yummy! I think my kids will like this recipe very much. And such a good use for coconut milk too. Glad to see you're back! Hope you enjoyed some blog-free time.


Yum! I wish my boys liked bananas (they only like them blended in smoothies) == well, more for ME I guess! ;)


That sounds like heaven and we're going to have to try it when my little one gets up since we have all the ingredients! Now that I'm 36, I'm beginning to make some connections. One of them is, I realize that fried ANYTHING is delicious!!! Wonder if I could fry beets (one of the only foods I don't like too much)?


Thanks everyone for all the kind comments!

Wendy- Your version sounds delicious, we'll
have to try that next time.

Christine- I'm so glad you tried them! The rice
flour will make them a little crispier,
but I'm all for making it easy and using
what you have on hand:)

Paper Dolls for Boys

I am too lazy to make those but I would pay someone big money if they could produce a pan of those at my feet this very moment.


I must try those! They look so good and I bet they taste amazing!


You have a great site!
I just tried your fried banana recipe (used regular flour tho) and they taste amazing! Just had to let everyone know that they MUST be eaten WITH ICE CREAM! :o)


Oh. Oh my. FRIED BANANAS??? I've just died and gone to heaven. I am so making these this weekend...


I'm actually drooling at the sight. I'll be making these this weekend for sure. Thanks!

Tara, Walkabout

I stumbled across your blog and just spent a long time reading back posts. What a great chronicle you have here. I really enjoyed it!


yummy. i can't wait to try that.


This looks so delicious! I pretty much love anything fried, anyway.

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