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The dairy farm we went to wasn't an organic farm. I'd like to tour one just for the comparison. From what we observed, it was very clean and well run. I'm just a sucker for animals and when we heard their machine-like milking schedule, the unnatural breeding program and the future of male babies, it made me look at how I was contributing to their circumstance by purchasing dairy products. We haven't completely given up milk and cheese, but we've reduced our consumption and the visit to the farm increased our awareness of where our food comes from - which, I guess, is the first step ;)

Wendy, I hadn't heard of the Gaia Girls series, but I looked on Amazon and it sounds great. Thanks for the recommendation!


Was that an organic milk farm, I wonder? I know even the best farms have to do something with all the calves. No calves, no milk.

My mother lives in Pennsylvania in dairy country, and even the small family farms will kill the male calves as soon as they are born. So, they don't go to be veal, but they don't go to a happy life, either.

It's all so hard to take in.


Sweet! There is nothing more wonderful than a small-town fair and parade. You're giving your kids a really wonderful life.


I used to live in Ft. Collins, the home of Budweiser, and we took a tour and saw the horses hanging out in their stalls. Those things really are massive.

And as for the milk thing, I was under the impression that small local dairies treated their cows better than the factory ones, which I'm sure they do, but it probably is still not that great. Have you guys read the first Gaia Girls book? I think they were fighting a big factory dairy farm relocating to their area.

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