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Thanks for the kind thoughts on our pets that passed away this summer. The kittens have been pure joy. After pets die, I always think, "never again, no more pets, it's too sad at the end", but the kittens have reminded me that, if you're lucky, you get many, many years of wonderful memories to make their passing easier.

Denise, my husband had only one dog growing up and it was an outside dog, so he wasn't raised with animals either. But, he's slowly learning the joys of being an animal parent. I think kids get so much out of having pets around, if we had more room, I'd want even more.


We lost a pet this summer too. So hard. Our last (of three) cats is almost 16 and not doing so hot lately. My boys want more kittens for her, for them, so she won't be so lonely after losing her best kitty friend, but my husband is not quite the animal person the rest of us are...he didn't grow up with pets (how is that possible, I always wonder as we had a house FULL at all times!). Your photos are so cute - makes me want more animals! ;)


I'm sorry to hear about your beloved pets. We have four kitties and three of them are getting elderly. I worry about them.

I love the pictures of your new kittens! The picture of the two dogs playing while three kitties watch is one of the coolest pet pictures I've ever seen.


these photos are fantastic! we have two cats now but if we build an outbuilding i promised the boys we can get more kittens. :^)

and congratulations about poco!!! that is just fantastic!


I can't believe that anyone can resist kitten photos :) They're adorable!

zoe krylova

we have a cat named luna!

i'm so sorry about the passing of your dear beloveds. it sounds like they lived a long, full life though. and now, so much new life!


Great pics. Love that one especially where it looks like there are two dogs playing in the background and the two little cats are calmly viewing at like a spectator sport.

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