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saw your horse we have two paint colts and
2 more on the way

renee @ FIMBY

found you via the homeschool post nominations. your blog is refreshingly non-religious, I like it! And I love that photo of the horse belly - what great color. Fun to have found you.


Oh, I'm glad you all think Poco is as beautiful as we do!

Kate, I think we have just enough room for a tent in the backyard, so you're welcome anytime ;). I bet our hubbies would get along well and of course Anna would have a whole passel of kids and animals to play with!

Shea, I envy you your horses AND donkeys, lucky girl! Someday... someday... someday...;)


She is absolutely gorgeous. How wonderful!


Oh, she is absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad you rescured her.

Paper Dolls for Boys

You got a HORSE??? I didn't see that one coming. She's sooo pretty and glad you got a funny one!

Love the summer photos! Must get to Crater Lake!


Wow, you adopted a horse! That is awesome. Poco is one lucky lady.


Oh my god, just when I thought I couldn't envy you more, you go and adopt a Paint.

Will you adopt ME?? Of course, I come with a husband, an 8yo girl, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit and 7 fish. But you'd hardly notice us, and we don't eat much....


I have horses and donkeys (6 of each) and they are a hoot! Their personalities really come out in their facial expressions. We have one that's Queen of the Pasture, one that's the Jester, one that's the Addict (she's a windsucker), one with a Napolean Complex (that would be the pony) and well... they all have their little issues and idiosyncrases. I love them.

Congrats on adopting a beautiful girl :)

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