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Thanks for the easy and cute (and educational) Idea...I will be making these soon!


how adorable. i've added you on my blog, and am so grateful to have found yours!


Everyone, thanks so much for all the great comments. The "edges" did not come easily ;) I had to redo them several times, but in the end I was pretty pleased.

Charisse, not annoying at all! In fact, just the opposite - I appreciate your helpfulness and insight. I hadn't thought about the shiny-factor before. I'll try something with a matte-finish and see how he responds.



These are Super Cute! And a great idea...Not to be really annoying, but if you are modge podging for your VI son you may want to use a matte finish instead of glossy...Shiny/reflective surfaces can "distract" the brain and if you are trying to help him focus on colors it may make it tricky...I work in the field of Deaf Blindness and run into it alot...I'm sorry if this is unwanted, just wanted to throw it out there.
I think your blog is wonderful and have been a lurker for a while! :) Thanks for all the fun ideas/projects!

Pink and Green mama

Great idea! I may have to make myself a set...I promise I'll share with my girls. : )


Great idea! I am making a set for my son. He will love them!

Amanda @

What a fun, simple project! I can't imagine how you got all the edges so perfect, but I love the colors you chose. That's my favorite shade of green!

Best, Amanda @

Chica Schmica

Love this idea and your set came out beautifully! Thanks for sharing!


What a lovely idea!


Great idea! I too adore Modge Podge :) I'm going to make some of these blocks for my 2 year old. Thanks for the great idea!


What a great idea - for any kid. Thanks for sharing it.


Ooo this will make a nice little christmas gift for a little girl I know!!

Candice Owrey

Neat. I too am a Modge Podge addict.


Such a gorgeous little set! Your edges are so perfect. Nicely done.

And I've bought Mod Podge, but haven't used it yet. I keep seeing all these fun projects on the internet, but just haven't had the time.

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