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I was looking for a quick,easy idea for homemade valentines for my kids to take to school and this was perfect! I've linked to it on my blog

Thanks for the great tutorial!!


Thanks for the beautiful idea! We just finished making these for teachers..a beautiful (and tasty!) poppy bouquet! I'll definitely be linking, thank you again so much for sharing :)



Oh my GOODNESS!! How cute!! Mind if I share/copy?... ;) lol! My daughter will LUV this!


I love it! We'll be making some in our home:-) Thanks for sharing!


Poppies, FTW! For Valentine's Day, or for Veterans' Day. Or for the VA Hospital. Looooove this.


Love it! So cute


Those are fantastic!

Meredith from Merchant Ships

Love these! Far brighter and more cheerful than the crepe paper flowers my kids and I twisted together.

Next year, poppies!


These are the cutest lollipop flowers I've seen!

I left an award for you on my blog:


I absolutely love this step by step guide that you made. It's worth every penny of the time that you invested in making it!

We'd love to do a post on your skills on our blog soon to send our growing community of craft lovers to your site!


zakka life

I've seen a lot of lollipop flowers but these have to be the best ones I've seen so far. I like how you used the floral tape, very clever.


Your photos of the process are as pretty as the finished product! Such a cute idea!!


Wow-these a so bright and pretty! Like a glimpse of Spring!


Hi-ya...just found your blog (and its sooo nice to find a secular homeschooler - with a beautiful blog no less)...where are you and can we come live with you? I'm in So Cal and life seems, well, very southern californian, and I long to find a place that's open to diversity yet not so...well, LA. Suggestions?


those are just great!

Give LDS Gifts

Love it. Simple and cute. I'll be linking!


so pretty! they really do look like poppies! i think the floral tape is a really clean extra touch.


Those are GORGEOUS!!! So much fun and so sweet of you to do! Thanks so much for sharing this, I'll be linking.


These are very sweet. I am so unmotivated right now to do anything for V-day. I've been collecting ideas for several weeks, but haven't actually done any of them. Thanks for this one. Looks easy and very bright.

Jennifer Perez

I love the simplicity of these! So cute! My 6 year old is going to make them for her class. Just carrying them into school will be fun:)

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